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Career Booster is a community and as like any other community, we think that there are some guidelines and rules to respect. These are not made for restriction but well to render the community better and usefull for everyone.

All of them are designed to give you a better talking place.


1) Do share your ideas,viewpoints and give your opinion on any topic launched by a member of Career Booster

2) Do post relevant articles, podcasts and/or videos connected with the topic discussed in one or several Groups

3) Feel free to talk about your own experience related to a specific topic  

4) Feel free to come up with fresh ideas and/or new subjects of discussion and add a Group of conversation if you think it is missing

5) Promote Career Booster around you as it is you and the community who make it real

6) Make yourself known by giving relevant info about you when creating your profile (your picture, level of education, spoken languages, etc)

7) Be curious, creative and innovative

8) Don’t post your resume on every single Group of discussion as it exists a specific Group to do so

9) Don’t talk about things which have no connections with the topic of the Group

10) Don’t come and try to look for a girlfriend/boyfriend as this is not a site dedicated to love stories

11) Don’t pretend to be someone you are not, just be yourself and bring your good mood


Now take your mouse and your keybord we are waiting for you!

The CareerBooster Team.

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