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Career Battle: Old Employee vs New Employee

Whenever there is a comparison between youth and accomplished, it has snowballed to a never-ending debate. If you are in the hiring business, you must have faced this type of situation where you have found yourself in a dilemma to decide selecting between an amateur and experienced. As an HR professional, deciding between young age and experience of a candidate is like walking on a two-edged sword. There is no distinct benchmark to weigh talent, wisdom, and judgment. The fact that you have to build a strong team for the company's future also makes decision complicated. Moreover, the burden of sticking to a fair recruitment policy as well debars you from supporting any one particular candidate. So when hiring any person, regardless of his or her age and experience, consider the pros and cons of recruiting old employees vs new employees.

Young people are brimming with energy and enthusiasm

The young age is when people accept most of the challenges. The young people have the kind of impulse that sees them do and complete any tasks in their hands. They are full of energy and exuberance and have the yearning to prove themselves and become a cynosure of all eyes. Moreover, the younger employees have the knack of using technology in the work since they are attracted to it since their childhood and youthful years. As they have grown up seeing all sorts of technology around them, they are faster to grasp new things and require minimal or no training. This is one of the plus points when hiring younger employees as you don't have to spend time and money training them.

As the young age is still tender, you can use it to your advantage in shaping and molding them as you wish. Older employees, contrast to the younger ones, become adamant and are tougher to bend and convince them. They develop a feeling after being in the profession for these many years where they regard themselves better than others. Furthermore, ego and pride are the two elements that run high in their blood.

Younger employees have lots of personal commitments that prevent them to put in extra hours on the job. They are always eager to leave the office as soon as the office hours are over. Even if they have nothing to do after office hours, they just want to leave out on time. For them, being in the office is like curbing their freedom. Older employees are ever-ready to put in extra hours for the sake of the company and never compare or ask “what's in it for me,” “how am I going to benefit by working extra hours.”

Older employees are experienced, wiser, and better decision makers

Being in the business for so many years, older employees develop a thick skin that can handle any pressure. They are more receptive compared to the younger ones and are willing to sacrifice personal commitments when the company's future is at stake. Younger employees, on the other hand, do not think much about the company and are ever ready to jump on offers from other employers. With age on their side, they are confident of finding and obtaining new jobs as and when they wish.

Older employees are confident about getting accustomed to anything. Age and experience teach them everything from being a contributor, trainer for new employees, wiser, and better decision makers.  They are more honest than the new employees and will seldom try  to hop from one job to another. If you are looking for a loyal and experience candidate who can wear several hats in one position, then hire older employees. To learn more about the advantages older employees can bring to the table, read here.

As the HR is responsible for building a strong workforce, you have to assess candidates without discriminating against them based their young or old age. When hiring, consider the company's objectives and compare them with the pros and cons of hiring old employees vs new employees.

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