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Cemented carbide factory production efficiency is generally low in China

In recent years, China's cemented carbide industry development has made no small achievement, but compared with developed countries there is still a big gap.


Less r&d, innovation ability is poor. Cemented carbide industry in our country, yet it is not a high level of research and development institutions, due to funding, as well as the difference between talent and management, high-grade product research and development ability is weak, it is difficult to produce original achievement, have their own property enterprise technical renovation and therefore difficult to get a strong technical support.


Equipment level is low, the gap is big: used in hard alloy development and production of high-grade special equipment mainly rely on import, domestic equipment gap is very big, due to reasons such as money, have the ability to purchase imported equipment manufacturers, rarely is the number of domestic companies use advanced equipment is limited, brings to the development and production of great difficulty.


Alloy production and tool production disconnect:cemented carbide metal was often the tool production companies abroad, very beneficial to cemented carbide tool development. Due to historical reasons, hard alloy and tool production in China belongs to the metallurgical and mechanical two systems and management, production of cemented carbide production and tool disconnect for a long time, so far, high-grade carbide tool development problem has not been solved.


Industrial economic benefit is low: for the above reasons, such as cemented carbide industry in China is big, but the less high value-added products, like high performance alloy coating, grinding products, special shaped products, precision carbide tools such as high-grade product quantity and quality is not high, due to the high added value product value several times and even more in the medium hard alloy, carbide manufacturer benefit of our country is so general is not high.

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