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China hasn't attached importance to edge passivation technology of carbide blade

Carbide blade edge passivation technology is also not to be a widespread attention, and again the issue is very important. The passivation of the blade can effectively improve the service life of the blade edge strength, and the stability of cutting process.


After grinding wheels and diamond grinding wheel grinding blade edge there are different degrees of micro gap, in the process of cutting micro gap to expand, to speed up the blade wear and damage. Coated carbide insert must pass a passivation of the blade edge before coating, to guarantee the robustness and the service life of the coating.


Carbide blade edge passivation geometry, has a great influence to the life of the blade, there are two main types of blade passivation shape: a for circular arc edge, on edge corner form the symmetric arc, passivation of more than 80% of the blade is used, suitable for rough finish machining; Another for waterfall edge, in the corner on the top surface and profile form a ratio of 2:1 asymmetric arc, suitable for bad impact process.


Method of Carbide blade edge passivation also has a growing, the earliest use manual passivation, and then the mechanical passivation improved passivation efficiency and quality, with the continuous development of technology, has a dedicated CNC passivation on the machine.


This technology is one of the effective measures to improve the service life of the blade, no matter in economy and technology two aspects are feasible and effective, to further promote the improvement of carbide blade machining.

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