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Red phosphorus effect on the properties of tungsten carbide nozzle

In recent years due to the progress of science and technology and the demand of the market makes chemical fiber pbaruct yield increased rapidly. And tungsten carbide nozzle is one of the necessary components in chemical fiber pbaruction equipment, the manufacturing quality and service life of chemical fiber pbaruction efficiency and pbaruct quality have nots allow to ignore. Although materials of ceramic nozzle service life is long,but the pbaruction cost is relatively high. And carbide nozzle although pbaruction cost is low, but the service life compared with ceramic nozzle is shorter, so the emergence of cryogenic treatment technology application, it has brought carbide nozzle greatly improved, and can not only improve the hardness and toughness, and also improve its service life and tungsten carbide nozzle of high performance is realized.Chemical fiber with carbide nozzle is given priority to with the erosion wear failure forms, usually under the action of external mechanical force, chemical fiber high-speed impact carbide nozzle. And the emergence of cryogenic treatment technology effectively to improve the situation, greatly extend the service life of the carbide nozzle.


In several kinds of tungsten carbide nozzle wearing the most direct of the new technology should be a surface coating technology, just as its name implies is that in the corresponding substrate coated with a layer of hardness is higher than the matrix and helps to enhance the wear resistance, corrosion resistance of the material, to improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece's overall and achieve the purpose of wearing. Surface coating technology was applied to the nozzle processing, although rarely at home, but abroad for related applications. Nozzle inner surface after coating, the surface roughness has been significantly reduced,and improve the machining accuracy, greatly prolongs the service life.



For example, in the tungsten carbides or ceramic substrate coated with diamond film after 10 to 30 mm, physical and chemical properties for coatings can achieve or very close to the level of natural diamond. This makes the processed parts life can improve 3 - about 10 times. Currently has a broad application prospect of two kinds of tungsten carbide nozzles coating material is a kind of artificial diamond PCD coating, the American scientists invented under the condition of 1.01 x 10 pa shortcut method of preparing nanoscale diamond, greatly reduces the manufacturing cost of traditional diamond coating pbaructs. Another is cubic boron nitride CBN coating, it is the second most hard materials,hardness can reach 60 gpa, structure is similar to diamond.

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