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Resume Example for Volleyball Coach

The resume is one of the impelling tools of the job search process that has the ability to make an efficacious difference in your job application procedure. Therefore, you should make an intended attempt to craft an eye catching resume that will enthral the reader towards your profile and put you in for the first round of the job interview. Your resume should be such that it assures the employer about your suitableness for the job position in consideration.  


Read the following sample of resume for a volleyball coach:


Volleyball Coach Resume


Mike F. Huber
562, 9th Goliath Street,
Zilvia, AK 56734
Phone: (230) 558 6245



Career Objective


To acquire a position as a volleyball coach in a recognized firm and efficaciously employ my unequal skills and proficiency associated with this industry.


Key Skills


  • Expertise in applying several volleyball coaching techniques and methods.
  • Exceptional skills to hire, assess, and coach talented and deserving players.
  • Capability to manage manifold tasks and duties assigned by the management group.
  • Proficient in using economical and effective budgeting methodologies whenever needed.
  • Excellence in assessing the hidden talents and abilities of the players
  • Good observational and management skills


Educational Qualifications


  • Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education

         Arkansas University

         2005 – 2008


  • Certification in Professional Volleyball Educational Program

Marxian State Volleyball Institution


Work Experience


Organization: Fireworks Volleyball Sports Association

Designation: Volleyball Coach

Tenure: 2009 - 2011


Job Responsibilities:


  • Providing professional and different types of training to the players and keeping a close watch over their progress.
  • Giving appropriate guidelines and strategies to the players so as improve their playing techniques and the game plan.
  • Suggesting various improvising and disciplinary measures for developing their volleyball playing skills and minimizing their game flaws.
  • Proficient in overseeing the operation of the volleyball programs and looking after its administrative functions.
  • Effectively maintaining the volleyball tools and materials like jerseys, nets, etc.
  • Ensuring adherence to the regulations, policies, and procedures predetermined by the team manager.


Personal Details:


Sex: Male

Status: Single

Birth Date: July 10, 1986

Nationality: American




Arie B. Yacht

Senior Volleyball Coach

Kleon Sports Academy

555 Birdlime Court

Tarim, SC 02631

Phone: (721) 331 9645



Closely consider the volleyball coach resume sample illustrated above (referred from and construct your own resume that will make a powerful impact on the prospective employer and get you the job.

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